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Founded in 1987, QStar Technologies is a leading global provider of enterprise-class data management and archive software solutions.  QStar software is a key element to creating a robust vendor neutral Active Archive, which is well suited for all industries; delivering secure, cost effective and reliable protection of valuable digital assets.

QStar is leading the industry with a vision for the 3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practice. This independent framework provides a strong and practical foundation to build a resilient archive strategy in combination with QStar software solutions.

QStar’s archive philosophy is reflected in the architecture of its software. Designed to be vendor neutral, users are not locked into vendor specific server and archive storage hardware. In addition, users have the choice of using optimized proprietary or industry standard files systems, such as UDF (for optical) or LTFS (for tape). The modular platform supports incremental capacity expansion from terabytes to petabytes and offers advanced features such as replication and real-time mirroring. This unique approach gives QStar customers a long-term data archive strategy with the agility they need to evolve in changing market and financial conditions.

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