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DISC Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Copyrights and property rights
The contents of our Web pages, including the texts, images, graphical illustrations, audio and video files, are, unless expressly stated otherwise, our property and may not be reproduced, modified, transmitted, recycled, republished, utilised or used in any other manner for public or commercial purposes without our prior written approval. We draw your attention to the fact that any violation of our copyrights or other property rights may result in civil and/or criminal proceedings.

Legal information
All the information on our Web site has been carefully verified. We make every effort to continually extend and update this information. However, we cannot give any guarantee that this information is complete, correct or absolutely up to date.

The same also applies to all the other Web pages to which reference is made by means of hyperlinks. We hereby declare, in accordance with adjudication no. 312 O 85/98 on the liability for links, dated May 12th, 1998 (Hamburg District Court), that we expressly distance ourselves from all contents of all links to the following pages, and that we do not lay any claim to these contents. Any reference by means of a hyperlink does not represent a recommendation on our part of these Web pages or of the company operating them or of their products.

Nor do we have any influence over whether third parties set up links from their Web pages to our Web pages. The existence of such links does not indicate that we cooperate with such companies nor does it imply that we endorse their products or services.

Any claims for liability arising from the use of our Web site are excluded, insofar as we have not acted wilfully or with gross negligence. Furthermore, DISC Archiving Systems reserves the right to amend or complement the information provided.

The contents and structure of our Web pages are protected by copyright. We have no objection to the information contained on our Web sites being used for personal purposes. However, the reproduction of information or data, in particular the commercial utilisation of texts, text excerpts or image material, is subject to prior approval from DISC Archiving Systems.

Information about data protection
As we have established that Internet users are uncertain and, to a certain degree, mistrustful as to whether personal data is being treated fairly and in accordance with the law, to alleviate your concerns we want to tell you what happens with collated data at DISC Archiving Systems, and what measures we have instigated to assure data protection. The protection of your personal data, and its confidential utilisation, is of particular concern to us.

We use your personal data solely to answer your queries, process your orders or provide you with access to further information or offers. To enable us to meet your requirements, it may be necessary to save and process your personal data (family name, first name, address, etc.). In doing so, we abide by the principle of data economy in that we only record, save, process and use the data we actually need to fulfil the given purposes. Please note that not all details are mandatory. It goes without saying that we do not generate user profiles. Furthermore, we record data on the number of visits to our Web pages. This provides us with information about the general interests and preferences of our visitors. However, this data is not personal, but only of a statistical nature. Furthermore, we automatically record and save information which is transmitted by your browser, e.g. the IP address. All personal data is handled in compliance with legal regulations.

If we employ the services of sub-contractors or vicarious agents to provide the services you want to take advantage of, we only transmit the data that is necessary to do so. In such cases, we place our partners under obligation to handle this data confidentially in compliance with legal regulations and to delete it without delay as soon as it is no longer required. However, please accept that we cannot comprehensively monitor that this obligation is abided by, which means that we cannot assume any liability for possible violations. Furthermore, DISC Archiving Systems does not pass on any collated data to third parties. In particular, such data is neither sold, leased nor exchanged.

All data is stored or processed separately. At no time is this data collated to form a single data inventory. DISC Archiving Systems does not generate any user profiles. Personal data is saved for a maximum period of 6 months, or until such time as the service you have requested has been provided in full. You are naturally always able to demand that your data is deleted, either in whole or in part. We will comply with your wishes without delay.

Children should not send any personal data to the Web pages of DISC Archiving Systems without the approval of their parents or a guardian. DISC Archiving Systems urges all parents and guardians to instruct their children in how to treat personal data with regards to the Internet in a safe and responsible manner. DISC Archiving Systems will not knowingly collate personal information about children, or use such information in any way, or publicise it to a third party, if not unauthorised to do so.

DISC Archiving Systems implements technical and organisational measures in order to guarantee the security of your personal data. Your data is conscientiously protected against loss, falsification, manipulation and unauthorised access or disclosure. Our security mechanisms are continually improved in keeping with technological developments on the Internet.

DISC Archiving Systems uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to transmit personal data. This protocol is particularly suitable for securing point-to-point connections. With today’s technology, 128-bit SSL encryption is deemed to be absolutely secure.

Right to information
Upon request, we will notify you in writing in accordance with the applicable legal stipulations whether, and if so what, personal data is stored in our system. We will be pleased to provide you upon request with our procedural directory, which contains the pertinent information as laid down in §4e of the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz).