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QStar Long-Term Archive

DISC ArXtor Appliance & QStar Archive Manager for Long-Term Archiving

As the volume of information that organizations create continues to grow rapidly every year, the amount of new storage capacity installed follows this trend.

Since hard disk prices continue to decline, many companies have resigned themselves to simply adding more RAID instead of putting policies into place for a more effective utilization of storage tiers.

80% of the data on most networks is inactive but remains on hard disk which is a waste of valuable online storage capacity. This includes a high level of redundancy as data is often stored and backed-up several times. And the frequent need for technology refreshments and data migrations of RAID solutions (every 3-5 years) contribute to this expensive short-term storage solution.


The combined DISC ArXtor Appliance and QStar Archive Manager Solution facilitates a drastic reduction in storage and storage management costs with a simple, long-term solution for data migration, centralized data management and automated archive storage.


QStar Archive Manager creates an Active Archive by virtualizing the DISC ArXtor Appliance, presenting the archive as a network share using industry standard CIFS or NFS protocols. Users can easily search and retrieve data directly from the archive. Even offline media is efficiently tracked for simple retrieval.

A robust retention management feature is provided by QStar Archive Manager software, ensuring that valuable archived data is managed and protected efficiently. Retention management securely retains files in a read-only format, within the archive, for a pre-determined period of time. Multiple retention periods can be created to support different data sets to meet varying compliance needs.

The solution offers several disaster protection strategies: A simple, low-cost strategy is to simply make a media copy and remove it from the DISC Arxtor Appliance for transport to a remote location. More advanced alternatives are optional mirroring or replication, to other on-site or off-site ArXtor Appliances.

Key Benefits
• Secure Long-Term Data Management and Preservation: On-line and Off-line
• Automated retention management, which prevents files from being altered or deleted, to meet internal governance or compliance requirements
• Standard Media copy feature or optional mirroring and replication for disaster prevention
• Leading-edge Appliance solution for near-line and off-line archiving
• Seamless integration with any application server using industry standard CIFS/NFS protocols as a standard network share, providing access to all archived data • Green storage technology with the lowest power consumption available
• Long-term 50+ year Blu-ray Disc media life with true WORM support
• DISC SmartPack removable media technology offers infinite off-line media storage

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