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Product Replacement

DISC Archiving Systems offers a variety of data migration services to enable a seamless transfer of most legacy archival data solutions to the new DISC ArXtor Series Solution, depending on your application, compliance and overall TCO requirements.

  • Import of finalized PowerFile BD-R and DVD media, Plasmon 120mm Libraries (D-Series and Enterprise-D),  ASACA, JVC, Kubota, Pioneer, and NSM libraries.
  • Automated, policy-based, over-the-wire BD-RE media conversion from existing subsystem to new DISC ArXtor Series Solution – enables ability to re-format/re-use BD-RE media after data migration
  • Ability to utilize previous investment in unused BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-R/RW and CD media
  • The DISC ArXtor Appliance offers a network-attached solution. The possibility of having 2 integrated virtual servers provides an unparalleled flexibility in integrating legacy archiving software into the appliance without having the need of a separate (additional) server.

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