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PoINT Long-Term Archive

DISC PoINT Long-Term Compliant Archive Storage

The continual growth of requirements for storage solutions in performance, availability and capacity is accompanied by high cost pressure. Statistics show that while server spending has stayed about the same in the past 10 years, the cost of management and administrati on has increased by several factors over the same period. IT departments now spend three-quarters of their time and resources maintaining their environment, leaving little time for value-added activities.

The combined DISC and PoINT Solutions DISC ArXtor PoINT Long-term Compliant Archiving
can reduce the cost of acquisition, management and operation by integrating a long-term archiving storage within the customer storage architecture. This basically frees up costly storage resources, improves performance and protects valuable company data that must be retained.  The combination of PoINT Software Solutions and DISC ArXtor Libraries allows users a fast, simple and smooth
installation and integration of optical into a scalable archiving soluti on. PoINT Jukebox Manager offers as an intelligent middleware standardized file system access, to the attached optical library. The optical media in the library can be used transparently by applications and users by means of a standardised CIFS share.

PoINT Storage Manager 

PoINT Storage Manager provides in addition, advanced HSM functionality to automate the process of long-term sarching. By the usage of individually defined policies, based on the requirements of the customer workflow, PoINT Storage Manager indentifies files and migrates or archives these files transparently from primary storage to secondary storage. By using stubbing, i.e replacing files by links, the directory entries remain virtually
unchanged in primary storage while the file contents is written to the ArXtor Blu-ray Solution.

Expensive primary storage space can be “cleaned” from inactive data and used more efficient without any restrictions for the customer. Other key features are: Policy-Based File Archiving, Data Authentication, Encryption, Data Replication and Off-Line Media Management.

Key Benefits:

  •  Complete, Turn-key Solution for Long-Term Archiving
  • Easy, Non-Disruptive Integration into any Network Application where Users Save and Retrieve their Files as usual
  • BD Write Once Read Many (WORM) Media provides the Data Longevity and Authenticity supporting Governmental and Corporate Compliance
  • A standard file system, a standard media format and non-proprietary HDD/Blu-ray technology allow seamless integration into standard/GigE network
  • Intelligent Front-Panel Touch Display, Mobile App and Web GUI facilitate local and remote diagnostic capabilities, setting new standards for intelligent and remote support of Blu-ray Library Systems
  • The DISC ArXtor Series offers a low TCO while optimizing long-term data storage with the lowest data storage energy consumption solution available today

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